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Top 5 Places to Live in Maryland For the Outdoors Enthusiast

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

mountain biking trails in maryland

Are you considering a move to Maryland and want to be close to outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and camping? In this blog post, we'll explore the top five places in Maryland that offer proximity to these outdoor adventures.

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1. Dickerson:

  • Location: Northwest corner of Montgomery County, Maryland.

  • Notable Features:

  • Lifestyle: Rural setting with a focus on agricultural preservation.

  • Housing: Ranges from $200,000 to $2 million, with a median price of $1.022 million.

a photo of Sugarloaf mountain in Dickerson Maryland in summer with green trees
Sugarloaf Mountain

2. Brunswick:

  • Lifestyle: "Little city, big town" with a historic downtown and proximity to nature.

  • Housing: Median price point of $392,000, making it one of the more affordable options.

Potomac River in Brunswick Maryland
Potomac River

3. Ellicott City:

  • Lifestyle: Highly desirable with a mix of historic and modern living options.

  • Housing: Varied options from $200,000 to over $2 million, with a median price of $675,000.

Downtown Old Ellicott City Maryland
Old Ellicott City

4. Sykesville:

  • Location: West of Ellicott City in Carroll County.

  • Notable Features:

  • Lifestyle: Small-town feel with access to outdoor activities.

  • Housing: Median price point of $500,000.

Piney Run Park in Sykesville Maryland
Piney Run

5. Frederick:

  • Lifestyle: Bustling city with diverse amenities and outdoor opportunities.

  • Housing: Prices vary, with the median at $675,000.

Overlook at Gambrill Mountain Maryland
Gambrill Mountain

If you're an outdoor enthusiast looking to make Maryland your home, these five places offer a perfect blend of nature and community. Whether you prefer the rural charm of Dickerson or the vibrant city life of Frederick, Maryland has something for everyone. Consider these recommendations and start planning your move to a place where adventure awaits right outside your door.

If you're considering a move to Frederick or any of the surrounding areas, reach out to me! It's as easy as Scheduling a Zoom Call, or reaching out throughout the most convenient method for you below:

Eddie Brady, REALTOR

Cell: 301-395-0815

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