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Living in Monrovia Maryland | PROS and CONS From a Local

Updated: Jul 1

After living in Monrovia for more than a decade. I've gathered insights into the town's nuances, both the positives and the drawbacks. Whether you're contemplating a move or just curious, let's delve into everything you should know about Monrovia. If you'd rather follow along via video check it out below!

Monrovia Maryland Location and Surroundings

Monrovia is situated in southeast Frederick County, surrounded by towns like Urbana, New Market, Mount Airy, Damascus, and Ijamsville. Its strategic location places it about 15 to 20 minutes from downtown Frederick, 45 minutes from Baltimore, 40 minutes to Fort Meade, an hour to downtown DC, and an hour to downtown Annapolis. Despite being a smaller town with just over 7,000 residents, Monrovia holds the potential for significant growth in the coming years.

The Good: Schools and Housing Market

Urbana High School, Frederick Maryland

One of the standout pros of Monrovia is its affiliation with the Frederick County public school system, known as one of the most desired in Maryland. Currently districted to Urbana High School and Linganore High School, both highly ranked, Monrovia Maryland is also anticipating a new high school slated to open in 2033. The housing market in Monrovia is another positive aspect. ranks it as the fourth-best place in Maryland to buy a house, with a median home price of $627,500. While this might initially seem steep, the potential for long-term investment is considerable, given the area's expected growth and the upcoming addition of a new high school.

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Monrovia Maryland Convenience and Lifestyle

Landscaped sign of Landsdale Community in Monrovia Maryland

Monrovia residents enjoy easy access to highways, providing seamless connectivity to major cities. The town offers a suburban and rural feel, allowing residents to choose their preferred environment—whether it's being surrounded by farmland or opting for a planned community like Lansdale. The location also facilitates access to various outdoor activities, with hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking spots just minutes away, including parks like Little Bennett Regional Park and Black Hills Regional Park.

The Not-So-Good: Limited Amenities and Potential Changes

On the downside, Monrovia lacks extensive shopping and dining options within its borders. While plans for a grocery store and additional restaurants are in the works, it's worth noting that neighboring towns might offer more immediate access to such amenities. Additionally, the town itself doesn't boast major county parks or extensive trails, requiring residents to venture outside for recreational activities.

Wooden bridge in Little Bennett Regional Park

Potential Future Changes

A potential concern for Monrovia is the proposed Monrovia Town Center, a massive development that residents previously opposed due to infrastructure and overcrowding fears. While a moratorium is in place, it's set to expire, and if approved, this development could significantly alter the town's landscape, requiring additional schools and potentially impacting the current charm of Monrovia.

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In summary, Monrovia offers a mix of pros and cons, from excellent schools and a promising housing market to limited immediate amenities and potential future changes. If you're considering a move, weigh these factors based on your priorities and preferences.

If you're considering a move to Monrovia or the surrounding areas, feel free to reach out for a one-on-one consultation. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more insights into Maryland living!

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