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Living in Brunswick Maryland | The Good and the Bad

If you're contemplating a move to Brunswick Maryland and finding it tough to gather insights into the town's living experience, you're not alone. With limited information available online, I'm here to bridge that gap. As a Frederick County local and a Realtor, I've got the lowdown on Brunswick's pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Check out the video below if you prefer to watch over reading.

Location Insights

Brunswick Bridge over the Potomac River

Situated on the western side of Frederick County, Brunswick rests along the Potomac River, straddling the Maryland-Virginia border. It's conveniently connected to Route 340, making it accessible to nearby towns like Charlestown and Harpers Ferry within 20 minutes.

Pros of Living in Brunswick

Appalachian Trail at Weaverton Cliffs

Ideal Commuter Location: Brunswick's proximity to bridges crossing the Potomac River makes it a commuter's dream. A 45-minute commute to Northern Virginia cities like Ashburn and Reston and a Mark Train service to DC in about 90 minutes are major perks, dodging the traffic woes of Route 270.

Vibrant Community Culture: The town organizes year-round events—festivals, parades, and celebrations—that bring Brunswick's rich history and community spirit to life.

Outdoor Adventures Galore: Surrounded by the Potomac River, the Appalachian Trail, and mountains, Brunswick offers an outdoor enthusiast's paradise.

C&O Canal Barge and Towpath

It also has the C&O Canal Towpath which is a historical canal for barges from the 1800s that is now a 184.5 mile biking and running trail from Cumberland Maryland to Georgetown MD. And if you live in Brunswick, a popular ride is going from Brunswick to Harpers Ferry, WV on the path, having lunch, and biking back. There are a ton of cool things to check out on the path too, like the old canal locks and lock houses.

Great Falls Whitewater Rapids

If you’re up for challenges like that, you could also paddle your kayak down to Washington DC. Just make sure to take it out at Great Falls if you’re not a pro whitewater kayaker. For a little less adventure, you could put in at the Brunswick boat ramp and paddle the shallow parts of the Potomac near the town.

Local Dining Gems: For foodies, Brunswick has a variety of eateries worth exploring. From breakfast at Beans in the Belfry to lunch at Boxcar Burgers and dinner at Market Table Bistro across the river in Virginia, there's something for everyone.

Real Estate Market: The housing market, with a median home value of $425,000 at the time of this writing boasts affordability compared to neighboring areas. Historic homes in downtown Brunswick offer a median value of $327,500, with median rents at $1,550, making it an attractive option. (These values are subject to change).

Cons of Living in Brunswick Maryland

Brunswick Maryland MARC Train Station

Train Noise: Yes, it’s nice to be able to travel on the MARC train to work. But many other trains pass through this town. This town had a reputation during the B&O railroad times for being covered in black coal smoke from the number of trains passing through. And even though you won’t see that smoke these days, you will still hear the trains if you live here. For some people, they love these sounds, but for others it may be a deal breaker.

Limited Shopping Options: With Brunswick being a smaller town/city, it is very limited in what it provides. So you’ll likely do most of your shopping 20 minutes away in Frederick where there’s pretty much anything and everything you can think of. You do have a grocery store and hardware store and many of the essentials, you will just be limited on options.

Job Opportunities: Other than a few service industry jobs, there aren’t many, or any major industries represented here. Most people in the newer construction communities either work in Northern VA, Frederick, or work from home. The good news is, thanks to remote work and these commuters, Brunswick is seeing investment and revitalization that it otherwise wouldn’t. And I’m willing to bet if you’re watching this video, you aren’t considering Brunswick because you have a new job in the city itself. So this con only applies to those needing or wanting to work locally.


Brunswick, with its ideal location, rich outdoor offerings, and burgeoning real estate, appeals to many. However, train noise, limited shopping, and job diversity might pose challenges for some. I see a bright future for Brunswick regardless of its cons, and I anticipate a significant amount of development in the coming years.

If Brunswick seems like the right fit for you, or you need help searching for a home anywhere else in Maryland, reach out to me and I'll be happy to get you started! The easiest way is to Schedule a Call with me below.

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