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Fulton Maryland Pros and Cons for 2024 | Maple Lawn and More!

If you're considering a move to Fulton, Maryland, let's break it down: the good, the bad, and everything in between. Tag along with me below or if you prefer to watch, check out the video.

Fulton, nestled in Howard County between Baltimore and DC, holds a population of around 5,000 residents. According to, it's hailed as the second-best place to live in the Baltimore area and the sixth-best suburb to buy a house in Maryland.

Pros of Living in Fulton:

Reservoir High School

1. Top-Notch Schools: Education is a highlight here, especially within the Howard County public school system, ranked third best nationwide by Fulton hosts various schools catering to different educational needs, including options for kids with special needs and private schools like Columbia Academy and Brookfield Christian School.

Baltimore Maryland Inner Harbor, Eddie Brady REALTOR

2. Commuter-Friendly: Its strategic location makes Fulton an ideal commuter spot, approximately 30 minutes from both Baltimore and DC. With proximity to major employers like NSA and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, it's a hotspot for many professionals.

Fulton Maryland Galliano Restaurant

3. Amenities and Dining: While not overflowing with options, Fulton's retail and dining spaces cater to essential needs. The area boasts some fantastic restaurants and necessary services, making it a convenient place to reside.

If you're not feeling what's available right in town, you can head over to Laurel or Columbia in under 15 minutes and have hundreds of options.

Cons of Living in Fulton:

1. Affordability: Fulton leans towards the higher end of the pricing spectrum in Howard County, with a median home price of $833,000, significantly more expensive than Maryland's median of just over $400,000.

2. Lack of Cultural Hub: It's more a commercial-retail space than a vibrant cultural center, lacking a distinct downtown or historical neighborhood feel. For those seeking rich historical vibes, neighboring towns like Baltimore or Annapolis might be more appealing.

Rocky Gorge Reservoir

3. Limited Outdoor Activities: While Fulton has the Rocky Gorge Reservoir for some outdoor recreation, access to trails and parking might pose challenges. For better outdoor options, nearby Patapsco Valley State Park offers extensive hiking and biking trails.

Real Estate Market Overview:

Maple Lawn Community: This planned community, occupying over 600 acres, offers high-end housing, office spaces, and retail spots. The price range varies from high 400s for townhouses to over a million for luxury units.

Greater Fulton Area: Beyond Maple Lawn, you'll find a mix of older residential neighborhoods with renovated homes from the '60s and '70s. Prices range from the high 400s to $1.5 million, offering diverse housing styles.

Fulton Hill: A new community with massive homes and acre lots, starting at 2.2 million, provides a luxury living option. Navigating the real estate landscape in Fulton can be diverse, catering to varying preferences and budgets.

Closing Thoughts:

Fulton, with its educational prestige and commuter convenience, comes with a price tag. Yet, it's evolving, offering newer communities alongside established neighborhoods.

For anyone eyeing a move to Fulton or exploring Howard County, I'm here to assist. Having grown up in Howard County and experienced its educational system firsthand, I can guide you through your relocation journey. Reach out for a consultation or simply drop a message with your questions.

Moving to a new place like Fulton isn't a decision to rush. Hopefully, this breakdown helps you weigh your options. If you found this information useful, stay tuned for more insights on Maryland living!

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